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To book a Red Cross-certified Adult CPR AED Training in either English or Spanish, please get in touch with us at this email --  We charge $50 per trainee with a maximum of six trainees per class.  The certification is issued by the Red Cross and is valid for two years.

Marie Maxey Foundation

We supported a CPR compression only AED training for adults today in association with the Compress and Shock Foundation at the Lorton Community Center today in Lorton, Virginia. This was designed to introduce as many people as possible to CPR and AED use.  For a more comprehensive course, please contact us to schedule a two-hour Red Cross-certified Adult CPR AED course. 

Foto from Training - 06 01 2024.jpg

To hear the sound, click on the bottom right corner of the video.

Foto from Training Today - Morning Group.jpg
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