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Thank You for Your Support!

Donations are needed to support the Chris Goughnour Heart Program which supports Latino youth to become Red Cross-certified CPR AED instructors, gain hands-on healthcare experience, and establish their own CPR AED training business for part-time income as they pursue a healthcare career.  

Any amount can help, but $50 can provide a scholarship to a Latino youth that provides them with a Red Cross CPR AED training certificate valid for two years; $100 can help finance Red Cross-certified instructor training for a Latino youth who can then teach classes and earn income; $500 can provide the full cost of instructor training; $1,000 can provide training equipment (mannequins, AED trainer, etc.) for one of our Hispanic youth instructors.  We are seeking a total of $25,000 over the next six months to recruit, train, and equip five Hispanic youth to become health entrepreneurs and conduct CPR AED to earn part-time income as they pursue their dream of a career in healthcare.

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