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Promoting Hispanic Youth to Become Red Cross-certified CPR AED Instructors

Marie Maxey Foundation Grant Proposal: Supporting Hispanic

Youth Health Entrepreneurs in Fairfax County, Virginia


The Marie Maxey Foundation is seeking support to facilitate Hispanic youth in Fairfax County, Virginia, who are interested in healthcare as a career.  This support will focus on helping underserved youth who have demonstrated dedication and concrete actions to pursue a healthcare career.  This program is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Goughnour, a victim of heart attack and cardiac arrest at an early age (see more on Chris’ story at


To help these young people, the Marie Maxey Foundation will provide mentoring, funding, and coaching for them to start their own Red Cross-certified CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) AED (Automated External Defibrillator) certification course.  This action would (1) give these youth experience in healthcare, (2) increase the number of Red Cross-certification residents in Fairfax County, and (3) support their partnering with local community outreach organizations to help save lives. While not a panacea, this action would strengthen these young people in pursuing a career, build stronger ties between them and the community, and allow them to earn part-time income.


Background: The current Red Cross certification fee for CPR and AED training is $30 per participant.  Trainers charge the certification fee plus a fee for their service.  The most inexpensive Red Cross CPR AED training offered on their website was $45, and the most expensive was $117. Finding ways to provide relatively low-cost certification while at the same time providing income to Hispanics entering a healthcare career could be a win/win.  


Goal: Provide a pathway for five Hispanic youth interested in a healthcare career to initiate a Red Cross-certified CPR and AED training program partnered with local community organizations.  The Hispanic youth will be certified as instructors and become affiliated with the Marie Maxey Foundation under our Red Cross training services provider agreement. The foundation will provide (1) mentoring, startup financing for instructor certification and training equipment, (2) participant support through scholarships, and (3) act as an interface with local community organizations (through Memoranda of Understanding and other agreements).


Action Plan: The Marie Maxey Foundation, a Red Cross-certified training services provider, will work with youth who seek to enter healthcare by (1) supporting their certification as a CPR AED instructor by the Red Cross, (2) affiliating them with our foundation as a Red Cross certified instructor, (3) procuring the training material needed to conduct Red Cross CPR and AED courses, and (4) establishing partnerships with local community organizations that would allow the Hispanic youth to provide CPR AED classes in their facility.


Budget: With a goal of certifying and equipping five trainers over the next six months, the Marie Maxey Foundation needs $25,000. These funds would cover (1) Red Cross instructor certification, including any accommodations needed for Hispanic youth, (2) training equipment (minimum of 3 mannequins, 3 trainer AEDs, misc. supplies for each trainer), (3) expendable supplies (lung bag for mannequins, breathing masks, wipes, etc.), and (4) administrative costs.

Christopher Goughnour Heart Program


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