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Christopher James Goughnour Memorial Scholarship

Born December 5, 1980 - Deceased December 15, 2018


We dream of our children and we try, as parents, to help them succeed. We are proud when they stand and take responsibility for building a better future. Christopher James Goughnour's legacy was one of uncompromised devotion to our country. His service in Iraq and Afghanistan stand as an example of what it means to serve and protect. This scholarship will be given in his memory in 2023 to a Latino student at Bryant High School in Alexandria, Virginia. We believe Chris' patriotism and commitment to duty serve as an example of what makes our country great. Christopher, thank you for your service. To Chris' family, we mourn his loss with you and we share your pride in his life and legacy. God bless America.

For more information see the Marie Maxey Foundation.

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